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Brain Bullet! is currently used by over 5,000 people worldwide, from all walks of life — it's installed on the computers of corporate bosses, office workers, and shop assistants... to plumbers, web designers, writers, school teachers and home-makers... even government employees!

Our clientele is as diverse as the goals each of them have!

Every second, Brain Bullet! is flashing hundreds of affirmations on computers all over the globe.... helping people achieve peak performance.

Since launching the software in November 2004, we've been grateful to receive an abundance of feedback from our friends and clients, sharing with us some amazing changes they've made in their lives when aiming Brain Bullet! at their goals —

Below are a few random unsolicited testimonials (i.e. they were NOT asked for!) from just a small group of our user base, with some of the benefits they've experienced when using BB.... see for yourself!

Hi Lee,

You've done it again! you've pulled another master piece of self-improvement out of the bag!

Brain Bullet is simply awesome!

By taking the most powerful, highly effective and scientifically proven concept of subliminal messaging you've given me a way to gain immediate access to my sub-conscious mind.

As you know your subconscious mind is infinitely powerful and makes your life exactly what your conscious mind tells it to be. The problem I had was my conscious mind had it's own agenda, so not all the right messages were getting through.

Thanks to Brain Bullet this has all changed, I can now turn on my PC and go about a normal day. Only this time a direct link is open and my sub conscious mind is being systematically re-programmed for success!

I give Brain Bullet my highest possible recommendation, ...thanks a million Lee!

Brian Terry
"Discovering Your Path to Wealth And Happiness"

Sent via instant messenger:

Just so you can tell Lee I have increased my speed reading from approx 20-30 pages a day to 70-100 pages a day since installing BB.

Feel free to use my IM as testimonial and I give you my permission to sign my name Tim Talley to it.

Thanks! Tim Talley.

Hey Lee, just wanted to drop you a quick note about Brain Bullet.

I've been using it for about two weeks, and I love it! I can already feel the change in me... I have been using BB for motivation, and I can feel myself waking up excited every morning, and actually looking forward to the day ahead. This is really helping my productivity, by leaps and bounds.

So, thanks Lee! I'm so glad you made this awesome technology available.


Bryan Ellis.
Creator, "Free Real Estate Training"

Brilliant software! I've read hundreds of "increase your performance" type books, and this tool surpasses them all. No matter how busy my day gets, I can now always make time for effective performance training, automatically.

This will help me in so many ways. Everyone needs Brain Bullet!


Simon Grabowski.

Hi Justin, (one of our affiliates)

I'm writing to thank you for sending {Brain Bullet} to me. Normally I delete most messages that tell me something is "urgent" because it's usually a lie.

But when I read about this software, I realized that it was an improvement of some shareware that used to be available for a free trial back in 1998, and it works. It's really that simple, it really does work.

I've always been into affirmations and goal setting, that's how I got where I am, and how, I believe, I'll get where I'm going. I used a mixture of Napoleon Hill's goal setting plan and one developed by Tony Robbins to create three pages of goals and aspirations for myself, along with some affirmations I adjusted from a book called Pyramids of Power.

But what always happens with affirmations and written goals is that life takes you to a place where you forget, or neglect, to read them daily, which is what makes them work so powerfully.

And yet even with neglect, those ideas went undercover in my psyche, and the ones I would work towards daily would still manifest, just more slowly, and with a lot more effort on my part.

Thanks to you and the author of this program for placing it back on the market. Please forward my testimonial to the product creator, or let me know where I can contact him (or her?)

Thanks again,

Tinu AbayomiPaul.
"The Free Traffic Directory"

I enjoyed Brain Bullet so much, that I decided to let my list know how they could obtain the software themselves (they say a recommendation is the greatest testimonial one could offer) -- and so many rushed to buy a copy.

Ever since, I've been receiving tons of positive feedback back at our office... they love Brain Bullet! Everyone who wants to achieve more from their businesses and their lives should get a copy -- period.

Why? Because it obviously works.

Cheers, Andrew Fox.
Director, Advent Marketing Ltd.

Hi Lee,

I just wanted to write in to you again and tell you how amazed I am with this Brain Bullet software!

I've been only running it when I remember to turn it on and I notice such a huge difference when I forget to turn it on... My writing is smoother and I feel more motivated. WOW!

I know I've told you I liked it before but I just like it more and more the more I use it.

I'll talk to you soon,

Joshua Korn

You're the best!

I Love this and consider is the best forty bucks I ever spent, I have used it for only 3 days and programed a few of my own healthy eating affirmations and I have been eating healthy and looking forward to the new me, I can't wait to see how I feel in a few weeks!

You can use my email in your ad's if you need to!!!!!!

Elizabeth Cichon

I worked in the field of Psychological Operations for the US Military in the 70's and 80's.

I learned about subliminal programming and learned how to do this in written materials that were to be used during military operations (war). So when I met the Brain Bullet I got excited because it was a familiar concept.

My very first thought was: Oh wow! How many online and Network marketers do I know who have a fear of calling their leads? Boy this could make such a difference!

This could rebuild self esteem after having been a battered woman. Give someone the courage to try another business opportunity after not doing so well before.

Well all those things were handled by being fed positive affirmations on a regular basis. I edited some to handle my specific issues, and I can now call my leads without having to talk myself into it. I am doing wonderful in my new business, I even learned how to build a website and my self esteem in way up there... I give the BB the credit.

It painlessly changed my mind.

Thank you Lee.

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